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S O U T H L A N D  H O C K E Y 

Adidas // D&AD New Bloods 

Adidas wanted to champion young women in ice hockey, where they’re traditionally underrepresented. But how do you bring women’s ice hockey to sunny LA, where everyone wants to be outside and be seen? Easy: bring the ice to the beach.

Art Director: Morgan DeBrincat and Sarah Ruiz

Copywriter: Thaddeus (TJ) Beeker


To empower girls in LA to enjoy this amazing sport, Adidas is taking the ice out into the sunny weather with new synthetic ice rinks, allowing girls to enjoy the sport in a way unique to the City of Angels.

Adidas Southland Hockey

Adidas will create a new women’s high school hockey league to compete at the outdoor rinks, calling it Southland Hockey. This will be promoted through a in-school campaign.

Adidas Southland Hockey
Adidas Southland Hockey


Billboards throughout LA will promote the new league, getting residents excited to support these talented young athletes.

Adidas Bus_.png


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