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S O R R Y  F O R  P A R T Y I N G 

Nintendo Switch 

When you play video games with friends online, you join a “party.” But in reality, you’re all alone, talking into a headset. Doesn’t seem like a party to us.The Nintendo Switch, however, is the only game console that still features local multiplayer and games that are fun for everyone to pick up and play, making it the best way to truly party.

Art Directors: Morgan DeBrincat and Sarah Ruiz

Copywriter: Thaddeus (TJ) Beeker


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The ultimate sign of a party isn’t the alcohol being bought or the guests piling in. It’s the notes you leave on your neighbors’ door begging them to not call the cops.

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 To show users the fun they could be having with friends in person, we’ll partner with popular Twitch channels and have them broadcast a party at their place playing the Switch instead of doing their usual stream.

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